Garcinia parvifolia miq

Is an accepted name This name is the accepted name of a species in the genus Garcinia ( family Clusiaceae). Garcinia parvifolia miq. Garcinia parvifolia a. Garcinia parvifolia Name Synonyms Garcinia parvifolia hort.

The Plant List includes a further 28 scientific plant names of infraspecific rank for the genus Garcinia. Garcinia parvifolia in the Germplasm Resources Information Network ( GRIN), U. The genera are confined in tropical countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and others. Botanical name: Synonyms: Family: Common name: Abelia chinensis : Caprifoliaceae: Chinese Abelia: Abelia triflora : Caprifoliaceae: Himalayan Abelia: Abelia X grandiflora. Development and Evaluation of Garcinia parvifolia ( Miq ) Miq from Tablet Dosage Forms.

Diharapkan penelitian ini dapat memberikan manfaat sebagai alternatif hepatoprotektan. In vitro and in vivo antiplasmodial activities of stem bark extracts of Garcinia parvifolia Miq ( Guttiferae). Of these 418 are accepted species names. Amsterdam 1: 208.
Dry and wet methods can be applied for granulation. The information given on this website has been compiled from reference works on medicinal plants and/ or pron only. Don / スギ / スギ科 / スギ属. 名前順 科名順 学名順 Carex maculata Boott / タチスゲ / カヤツリグサ科 / スゲ属 Cattleya spp.
Garcinia parvifolia. Kar Garcinia parvifolia Miq. Appears in other Kew resources: IPNI - The International Plant Names Index.

Other common names are Cherry mangosteen, Kandis, and Yellow candies9. Garcinia hombroniana Pierre N/ A Garcinia intermedia ( Pittier) Hammel N/ A Garcinia mangostana L. Kandis Garcinia prainiana King Button mangosteen Garcinia subelliptica Merr. Synonyms Garcinia globulosa Ridl. Were investigated for their inhibitory effects on platelet- activating factor ( PAF) binding to. Syamsudin; S Tjokrosanto; S Wahyuono; Mustofa. Pengaruh pemberian ekstrak etanol kulit buah asam kandis ( Garcinia parvifolia ( Miq. General Information. Espesye sa tanom nga bulak nga una nga gihulagway ni Friedrich Anton Wilhelm Miquel, ug nga gihatagan sa eksakto nga ngalan ni Friedrich Anton Wilhelm Miquel ang Garcinia parvifolia. Garcinia parvifolia hort. Is an accepted name.

Res J Immunol 1( 1) : 16– 20 Google Scholar. A Digital Reference Collection for Singapore' s Biodiversity. Parvifolia as tablet dosage form was performed by use of formulation using dry and wet methods and compared inrespect to characteristics like hardness test, weight uniformity.
The study of in vivo antiplasmodial activity and acute toxicity of the active fraction of Garcinia parvifolia Miq. The formulation of Garcinia kola seeds into tablet dosage form and. ) Garcinia malaccensis T.

Garcinia parvifolia ( Miq. The record derives from WCSP ( in review) ( data supplied onwhich reports it as an accepted name with original publication details: Ann. Rubraxanthone and isocowanol isolated from Garcinia parvifolia Miq. Garcinia latissima Miq. N/ A Garcinia venulosa ( Blanco) Choisy N/ A Garcinia xanthochymus Hook. Syamsudin, Damono, Kusmardi ( ) The effect of Garcinia parvifolia Miq ( active fraction) on phagocytosis by peritoneal macrophages during Plasmodium berghei infection in mice. Pagka karon wala pay siak nga nalista ubos niini niya. 1864; USDA, ARS, Germplasm Resources Information Network. Garcinia tetangies Boerl.

This name is the accepted name of a species in the genus Garcinia ( family. Parvifolia, is also one of the. Apart from their use as food and medicine, majority of the people of the present generation are unaware of. M Garcinia parvifolia ( Miq.

Garcinia parvifolia, the Kundong, Brunei cherry or Asam aur aur, is a tropical evergreen tree. We Supply high quality extracts, phytochemicals, natural products and Active Ingredients from TCM. Ex Kunth) Hammel Garcinia maingayi Hook. Genus: Garcinia Species: Garcinia parvifolia. In Malaysia, it is best known as genus of fruit tree. – kandis gajah ( Mal.

It is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment and NParks does not purport to provide any medical advice. The purpose of the research was to explore the phyto constituents present, pharmacognostic. Anderson – manggis burung Garcinia mannii Garcinia mangostana L. It is said that final use of prepared granules as tablets dictates the preparation method.

Rubraxanthone and isocowanol isolated from Garcinia parvifolia Miq. In Vitro and In Vivo Antiplasmodial Activities of Garcinia Parvifolia ( MIQ) MIQ Leaves From Indonesia 1Syamsudin Abdillah, 2Risma Marisi Tambunan, 3Yunahara Farida, 1Ros Sumarny And 4Rita Marleta Dewi 1Department of Pharmacology, 2Department of Biological Pharmacy, 3Department of Chemical Pharmacy. Annales Musei Botanici Lugduno- Batavi.

– malabinukau ( Filipina) Garcinia macrophylla Miq. In Borneo, Garcinia parvifolia ( Miq. Ang Garcinia parvifolia sakop sa kahenera nga Garcinia sa kabanay nga Clusiaceae. The Plant List includes 610 scientific plant names of species rank for the genus Garcinia. ( Guttiferae), the bark of which had previously furnished a cytotoxic bixanthone.

Leaves ( Clusiaceae) ABSTRACT Introduction: Garcinia latissima Miq known as Dolo magota ( Maluku), is a medicinal plant belonging to the family Clusiaceae. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service. The fraction was obtained by maceration of n- hexane extract with methanol. / カトレア類( 園芸種) / ラン科 / カトレア属 Quercus takaoyamensis Makino / オオツクバネガシ / ブナ科 / コナラ属 Cryptomeria japonica ( L. In Sabah, Malaysia, Garcinia parvifolia ( Miq.

Trees are one of the most important elements in the forests on which the local and tribal people depend for their multifarious requirements. In vivo Antiplasmodial Activity and Acute Toxicity of the Fraction of the Garcinia parvifolia Miq. Leaves of Garcinia parvifolia Miq. At the present study the formulation of the extract of the stem bark of G.

, Soesanto Tjokrosonto. Four new depsidoneswith the dibenzo[ b. Mangosteen Garcinia mannii Oliv. Pharmacognostic and Antimicrobial Studies of Garcinia latissima Miq.
Were investigated for their inhibitory effects on platelet- activating factor ( PAF) binding to rabbit platelets using 3H- PAF as a. Latin for ' small leaves'. , 1864 References. The bole can be up to 23cm in diameter[. ) Miq) sebagai hepatoprotektor yang dinilai melalui kadar ALT/ SGPT tikus ( Rattus norvegicus) Wistar jantan yang diinduksi antituberkulosis isoniazid dan rifampisin.

Gourka, gamboge tree. ) is known as takob akob by the locals8. Herbarium Catalogue ( 4 records) Date Reference Identified As. ) is called Kundong, Kumanjing, Kedundong, Kandis, Gandis, and Enteleng.

Asam Kandis ( Garcinia parvifolia) have been recorded in Negeri Sembilan, Pahang & Terengganu. Garcinia linii Garcinia livingstonei – manggis Afrika, imbe Garcinia luzoniensis Merr. Garcinia parvifolia is an evergreen tree growing up to 33 metres tall. – gelugur, gelugur babi Garcinia madruno ( Humb. Abstract Crude extracts of some parts of Garcinia parvifolia Miq: root, stem bark, fruit and leaf, can be dissolved in various solvents, such as n- hexane,. Has been conducted. Clusiaceae, Brunei cherry, Asam aur aur, Kandis. Another species of Garcinia, G.
Garcinia parvifolia Miq. The Genus Garcinia is well known and reported to. Homonyms Garcinia parvifolia hort.